Compare best unlimited
data SIM only deals

• See our comparison of the best SIM’s with unlimited data
• Choose from flexible unlimited data SIM plans, ranging from 30 days to 24 months
• Use filters to search thousands of unlimited data deals & offers.

unlimited data sim only deals

Compare best unlimited data SIM Only Deals 

unlimited data sim only deals

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• See our comparison of the best SIM’s with unlimited data
• Choose from flexible unlimited data SIM plans, ranging from 30 days to 24 months
• Use filters to search thousands of unlimited data deals & offers.

Frequently asked unlimited data SIM only questions:

Can I get unlimited data SIM only?

Yes. a good range of providers now offer SIMs with unlimited data, where a year or two ago it had been only one or two. For the complete list of providers, see the section above this one.

Are Unlimited Data Sim Only Deals more expensive?

Yes and no. they’re generally the foremost expensive SIM from most providers, however they’re often cheaper than very-large-limit SIMs were just a year or two ago. So it is a matter of perspective.

Should I get unlimited data SIM only deal or simply get a limited deal instead?

It depends on the provider you select , what the monthly cost difference actually is on the day, and in fact whether or not you are feeling you actually need unlimited data or could cope perfectly well with a limited SIM deal.

What SIM card do I need?

It’ll be one among three sizes of SIM cards that you simply need – standard, micro or nano. Unlimited data SIM only deals accompany either a multi-SIM that has all three.

How much data do I need?

Though unlimited data SIMs are set to become the norm instead of the exception, most folks spend the overwhelming majority of our time within range of a wifi signal.

Ultimately, the sole thanks to really know is to see what proportion data you employ month to month – information usually available from your current provider.
Who has the most cost effective unlimited data plan?

This changes day to day, but it is easy to seek out out using the tools on this very page. Simply select all providers and type the deals by monthly cost. the most cost effective deal are going to be the primary listed.

What is an unlimited data SIM only deals?

Up until fairly recently, mobile, tablet and mobile broadband SIMs have always accompany a monthly limit. However, things are changing this past year and now many providers are offering a good range of SIM types which haven’t any monthly limit on what proportion data you’ll use.

Although all SIMs are an equivalent in appearance, there are a variety of functions and contract types they could apply to. Here, then, may be a quick rundown of all of the kinds of unlimited SIM deal currently available. We’ll mention what’s available from each provider further down, except for now these are the essential types.

Contract unlimited SIM only – the sort of SIM you’ve got in your mobile . These SIMs accompany minutes and texts and are universally offered on 12-month contracts

PAYG unlimited SIM only – Another SIM that goes during a mobile , though there are some PAYG SIMs that also are data-only and enter tablets too. it’s going to sound contradictory (pay as you go and unlimited) but with many PAYG SIM packages offering monthly ‘bundles’ on minutes data and texts, unlimited data is becoming an increasingly common option

Data-only unlimited SIM only – These enter tablets, laptops that have a SIM slot, or a MiFi personal hotspot (mobile broadband) device, and distinguish themselves by not offering any minutes or texts

No contract (30-day) unlimited SIM only – Slightly distinct from PAYG SIMs, these are 30-day contracted unlimited SIMs for phones and for tablets, where you’ll cop out at any time with 30 days notice. 30-day SIMs of any type are always costlier than contract (12-month) SIMs

Why choose a unlimited data SIM only deals?

Here’s the thing. Most folks spend most of our time within range of a wifi signal. In fact, i feel many would be shocked just how little mobile data they use, goodbye as they need logged into wifi reception , work and at the homes of friends and family.

However, there are some either with specific job types that see them out and about quite reception , or they only wish to fill their time with video streaming when commuting. So, here are the three reasons you would possibly want to select a vast data mobile SIM over the other type.

You stream tons – If you watch tons of streamed video content on YouTube, Netflix or other, and you tend to try to to that while you’re out and about, then there’s potentially a requirement for either a really large data limit, or more economically, a vast data SIM only plan

You download tons of apps and games – Equally, apps and games are often pretty huge lately , so if you are a keen mobile gamer and wish to try tons of various apps and games monthly , there’s potentially an argument to settle on a vast data SIM deal over the other sort of plan

You only don’t need to believe data – Here’s the rationale most folks here at have unlimited data SIMs in our phones: it isn’t all that expensive and you’ll just ditch data limits altogether.

At the time of writing, we have seen unlimited data SIMs for as little as £11 per month, and there are tons of limited SIMs out there that cost quite that. Unlimited data is about to become the rule instead of the exception. When, not if, you hop on board then are going to be up to you

Which providers offer unlimited data SIM only deals?

Not every provider offers a vast data SIM deal. Notable brands that do not include Asda Mobile, BT Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Sky Mobile and Tesco Mobile. Enough about who can’t though, here are the providers which will .

EE – Operates on its own network and offers several 4G and 5G plans with unlimited data and versatile benefits (where you’ll mix and match your optional extras)
giffgaff – Offers 30-day SIMs which roll on monthly , supplying you with the choice to upgrade or downgrade your SIM plan any time you would like . It calls these bundles ‘Goodybags’. Giffgaff offers a Goodybag called ‘Always On’, which offers unlimited data
iD Mobile – is that the network brand for retailer The Carphone Warehouse. It offers one unlimited data SIM deal for phones
O2 – Offers a good sort of SIMs on its own network. Of course, there’s only really ever needing for one SIM with unlimited everything. O2 has one
SMARTY – may be a sub-brand of Three, offering a simplified, smaller ranger of SIMs and options, one among which offers unlimited data and is extremely affordable
Three – Has offered unlimited data for year, but at a really high premium for much of that point . With other providers now entering the unlimited fray, Three SIMs with unlimited data have come down in price
Virgin Mobile – Offers a vast data SIM deal, but the catches are twofold: First, you would like to be a Virgin Media broadband or TV customer to qualify, and second it’s faraway from cheap compared to return of its competition
Vodafone – Offers an exhausting list of unlimited data SIM only deals with minute differences that aren’t immediately apparent. It also offers cut-price 6-month introductory periods. Of all the providers offering unlimited data, Vodafone’s is that the most confusing. But if you’re prepared to spend the time you’ll find a deal more tailored than you would possibly get elsewhere
VOXI Mobile – Is owned by Vodafone and operates on the Vodafone network. Provides a 5G-ready data plan it calls ‘Endless Data’